As an independent association that consists of experts who deal with diagnostics, treatment, research and education in the field of multiple myeloma and associated plasma cell disorders, the work of SMG is based on a unique diagnostic and therapeutic principles and is a reflection of the exchange of professional experiences and intensive cooperation of participating haematological centres in Serbia. Since its founding on 24 December 2008, SMG realized intensive cooperation with similar national and international associations to exchange knowledge, experience, personnel and publications.

7. Annual SMG Meeting
Saturday, 14. May 2016. 11:26

7. Annual SMG Meeting

Serbian hematology Meeting, SMG Symposium
Thursday, 12. November 2015. 15:09

Serbian hematology Meeting, SMG Symposium, international guest faculty Prof dr Meletios Dimopoulos "Multiple myeloma in 2015: New stadards - new perspectives"

6. Annual meeting SMG
Friday, 16. May 2014. 09:52

6. Annual meeting SMG, international guest faculty Prof dr Heinz Ludwig "European perspectives on the treatment strategies of multiple myeloma"

SMG workshop
29.03.-31.03. 2014.

SMG workshop

Tuesday, 24. December 2013. 14:12


"The genetic structure and new treatment paradigm in multiple myeloma"
Friday, 22. November 2013. 11:34

International guest faculty Prof dr Gareth Morgan "The genetic structure and new treatment paradigm in multiple myeloma"

Radionica molekularne biologije u MM
Monday, 09. July 2012. 10:47

06.06.2012. u Beogradu, održan 4. godišnji sastanak Srpske Mijelomske Grupe, po prvi put prezentovani radovi zasnovani na registru bolesnika sa multiplim mijelomom.

4.annual meeting Serbian Myeloma Group
Tuesday, 03. July 2012. 18:21

06.06.2012. in Belgrade was held 4. annual meeting Serbian Myeloma Group. For the first time results of tretment patients were represented from myeloma registar

SMG annual meeting
Wednesday, 20. October 2010. 13:24

01st April 2011 SMG annual meeting. This year SMG meeting was dedicated to the updates in the first line treatment of multiple myeloma with participation of international faculties: Prof.dr. Hartmut Goldschmidt, Head of the Multiple Myeloma Center at Medical Department V, University of Heidelberg, Visiting Professor of Medical Faculty in Belgrade, and Prof. dr. Peter Cernelc, Head of the Hematology Department, University Clinical Center of Ljubljana.
SMG President, Assistant Professor dr. Jelena Bila indicated significant improvement in the treatment of myeloma patients presenting results of treatment of Clinic of Hematology, Clinical Center of Serbia, during 20yrs period (1989-2010) of follow-up. Second part of meeting consisted of interactive educational workshop for doctors, patients and their families, with participation of faculties-members of the SMG Board: Prof.dr.
D.Stamatovic, Prof.dr. S.Popovic, Prof.dr. N.Andjelkovic. About 200 participants attended 3rd SMG Annual Meeting which was CME accredited.

Founded Serbian Myeloma Group
Friday, 08. April 2011. 12:55

24.12.2008. founded Serbian Myeloma Group (SMG)